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This is a Non-Tradition Treatment Program working one on one with those who have an honest desire to live a drug free life.

This program is for those people that other treatment programs may not have worked or they failed to achieve the desired goals. This is also designed for those who want to get it right, the first time, desiring to live free of active addiction and learn a new way of life.


The program is core based, meaning what a person puts into it is what they get out of it. Being given an opportunity to be totally removed from all the strongholds that feed their disease of addiction.

From day one the client is removed from everyone and everything related to old people places and things. This opens the doors to allow the mind to start being filled with new thoughts to process, putting a gap between what was and what is.

This program is simple and straight forward, but very intensive. Keeping the focus on the task at hand and wasting no time in doing so. Educating, giving basic directions for day to day living, learning where a person is at this point in his or her life, identifying their needs, making a true list of what has brought them to this point in their lives, while supplying a path for achievement for these goals.

Pressing a person’s back against a wall is not always the best way to get positive results, getting between them and the wall may yield more results.

This is not by any means an easy approach to recovery. Keeping in mind that a person’s life is at risk.

Let this be clear, this is not a light weight program filled with false hopes and promises.

We set goals and work from the beginning to the end of each day to accomplish them. We do not waste time, or allow ourselves to wonder about what is going on with those who are still wasting their lives using dope.

We travel to other states, and attend meetings in other cities. Somewhere new each day. We witness how people we don’t know have found a new way of life.
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Places and things creating a positive, happy, and healthy life style that is addiction FREE.

We eat right, walk and work and get proper rest each day. Studying as we travel is a very important part of this treatment. We use the step study guide and other N.A. literature that has been proven to help millions of people for more than forty years. These ten days are a gift from God and we will not waste them.

If a person has an honest desire this program works the first time around. (Honest)..Not deceptive/worthy of being depended on/Marked by trust/without pretensions/gained or earned without cheating or stealing. (Desire)...An inclination to want things/to want strongly/to expect and wish.

This program supports the families and loved ones, who are as important in this process. It is understood that everyone suffers. The family is called upon to hold the line, to not give into guilt, to not be an enabler. (Enabler) A person that make things possible/a person who encourages or enables negative or self-destructive behavior.

Let us be very clear…. This is not just a road trip to see and take in the sights of other cities and just see how life is on the other side of the tracks. This the beginning of a life long journey to allow a chance for positive change while in the midst of a negative time in one’s life. We do not remove people from the fight for their life, to stop and smell the roses, there will be plenty of time for that later. We must focus on where we are each hour, build a foundation to stand on when we return. There are thousands and tens of thousands of people fighting this battle everyday; sad but true everyone will not make it. This is a real chance to be one of those that do.

NOTE: This is not a boiler plate program. No two people are the same and not treated as such

The facts are that on an average, eighty-six percent of all persons leaving treating centers, hospitals and other traditional drug program with high hopes of getting their lives in order fail and return to lives of active addiction within two weeks to thirty days with all good intentions of not doing this. My studies over the past twenty-eight years show one main reason for this. There was no Exit Plan in place or and enforced in some cases (necessary).

There is know one to blame and no fingers to point, the only way to know this without living in the midst of this madness as I have these many years, my knowledge in these matters have been gained at a very high cost. I have not been on the side lines as a spectator. God has placed me in the fight and I am well equipped. I have all the right tools and the support of thousands from coast to coast, we are many.

ATRM provides a realistic EXIT PLAN based on the needs of each individual, starting at the each of the ten days of hands on, for the next twenty days of walking the walk, in this new life’s journey.

Not just live to exist.


Is a former U.S. Marine, Vietnam Vet, G.R.A. Certified with firsthand experience in substance abuse and Recovery at every possible level.

He is not a fly by night class room counselor with no experience other than someone else’s or what he read in a text book.

He is tried, “battle tested” and has proven to complete the task at hand. He has been there and done that. Not surprised by anything.

By the grace of God the founder has lived twenty-eight years ,successful, totally free of active addiction from drugs in any form, non-stop, no relapse, no starting over. He has been on both sides of the fence pertaining to drugs, law enforcement and lawless, and is willing to share his full story with his clients and concerned people.

The Vision:

Achieve a foundation to rebuild Physical, Mental, and Spiritual wellness, to put our life in order.

The Mission…

To assure that everyone gets an opportunity to live a quality meaningful productive life.
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