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Once a decision has been made to accept ATRM to provide services

  1. The intervention with the person of interest and the concerned persons with everyone entering an opened and closed agreement.

  2. If the person of interest is in need of in-house detoxing these arrangements are made on the spot and followed through without delay.

  3. If no in-house detox is required the person of interest and the acting agent for ATRM says good bye to the family for the next ten days minimum.

  4. The next steps are written in the contract agreement to protect this program from theft and to be specific as to what will take place during the treatment process.

At this point there is no turning back, no Drugs, no way to get drugs, no one to be influenced by. The person of interest, is searched to ensure they are not in possession of any drugs, they give their phone, any cash or charge card to family and hold on to their personal I D only. Limited clothes and personal hygiene items are needed. (The works begins now)

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